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Best Investment ever!!!!

Elizabeth, Strathewen, VIC for

I purchased the Anatomic pillow last week whilst visiting my local Osteo for a neck strain. Usually a light sleeper and waking often to go to the toilet during the night, I have been experiencing the deepest sleep/dreams, and rarely woken to go to the toilet. I'm totally blown away by how amazing this pillow is. I visited the clinic today for a follow up appointment, and let them know that if I hadn't hurt my neck last week I wouldn't of bought the pillow. So there was a silver lining.

Deluxe 14 Pillow- AMAZING

Brooke, Perth for DELUXE-THICK

This Pillow has changed my sleep for the better, I'm staying still much longer and getting the cool effects from the gel as well as the pressure relief all through the night. I am also a small girl and the 14 even though its thick, Its not too high because it compresses around me! Thank You Technogel


Susan, F for ANATOMIC

I am a 46 year old female with a long history of neck pain, and TMJ disorder... the Technogel pillow has been a blessing! I can't begin to count how much money I have spent on expensive down pillows only to have them go flat and offer little or no support for my neck. The pillow is much firmer than I expected and definitely much firmer than I prefer, but it has turned out to be just what my neck needed. I love the coolness of the technogel and am amazed at how good it feels on my jaw. I also find that I don’t toss and turn all night trying to find the right position. Now, if you will excuse me....I hear my pillow calling! Good Night and thank you Susan F


Robert, Denver, Colorado for CONTOUR

I bought this contour pillow after examining twelve other contour pillows. This product is outstanding to say the least. I have a herniated disc in my c5 and it was recommended that I use a contour pillow by my doctor. this technogel contour pillow has made all the difference in the world on my neck. I have slept 100% better every night using the technogel contour pillow. the pain I had each and every morning in my neck was reduced by 80% with the everyday use of this pillow. I have had the product now for just over four years and realize I have received every penny's worth of the purchase price of the technogel contour pillow. It is now time to purchase a new pillow and even a increase in price for the pillow since I bought it the first time, its truly a no brainer in buying it again. Thank you technogel for a amazing product. Robert trotter Denver Colorado